The beginning...

The start of a wonderful friendship... the new blog!   I hope this blog brings lots of reading and enjoyment to all the Chicoco fans and lets you in on behind the scenes!

Most of the time while I type I have my usually wonderfully adorable daughter Chanel who is 10 months old. She loves to touch the keyboard while I type and I am forever deleting or fixing my posts and emails as I go.  

So now you know why I don't get anything done and my orders are always behind. I try so hard but when you work from home and a Mum as you all know it is hard in between feeds, nappy changes, playtime, screaming  :)   I do have a wonderful husband and when I catch him before he runs off I usually can get him to do a couple of things.  
My background is in the Banking industry and after 10 years decided to join my husband with his business.  We have built many businesses in the past.  Some sucessful and some not.  But you take the good with the bad.  We then ventured in the world of Perfume!  Ohhhh yes..   my heart was singing ha ha  loved it!  We created our own fragrance 'Flourish' and it has been very sucessful and still is.  So why did I leave the perfume business you say?   Am I mad?  Well after a while you can't smell that sweet fragrance anymore.  Your nose becomes a bit dead.  Anyway I decided I needed a new direction in life and have once before attemped to start a childrens label but just didn't get it going.  So here I am now... very happy I have pushed and sweated to get here. 


Anonymous said...

I need a photographer like this one! These are so beautiful.

chateaudelille said...

Good luck with this new venture. Im sure you will be very successful. I love your work. Fiona

Anonymous said...

Hi I am french and live in Australia. I wondered : Have you ever been to France? Your designs do not look at all french fashion for kids.You should go there and visit kids shops to get inspiration.
Good luck anyway.

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